Sunday, 3 May 2015

Our Floating Home


Zooropa in Brazil

    We have now lived on board Zooropa for nine months and while it has been an adjustment she is a very comfortable and roomy boat for the two of us. I took most of these pictures of her shortly after we had started cruising and while in Brazil ( ah, Ilha Grande). Since then I have added family pictures and momento's and it has become MUCH less tidy inside. I am looking forward to reaching Florida where I hope to cheaply replace cushions and add knick knacks.

Zooropa in the Bahamas

This is a great place to hang out, especially when sailing in a light breeze. The air comes up thru the fabric on the trampolines and is very refreshing. We now have a canvas awning which we put out when anchored ( see picture above) in order to keep out of the sun and still enjoy the tramps. 

Looking back at the boat from the tramps. The dark wrap around glass encloses the salon inside. The clear windshield encloses the cockpit and helm station.  

Ian at the helm coming in to Salvadore

This is the rear of the boat, thats the dingy hanging off the arch which is it's position while we are moving. The BBQ is covered in blue canvas.  We have Nu Teak ( fake teak) which we like the look of but which gets incredibly hot when in the sun. The tan coloured awning at the top can be removed but we leave it out whenever we are anchored. The sun is relentless and the awning gives very welcome relief.  

There is a step down from the cockpit into the salon. We have tons of storage under the salon seats. The beautiful cherry wood table opens out and also can be lowered to the salon seat level.

This is the work area to the right of the cockpit door entrance. It most definitely does not look this tidy anymore, ever! That is one of two TV's on the boat. My washer/dryer is in the cupboard to the left of the sink. 

This is the navigation desk and captains chair, where I am occasionally allowed to sit, lol!  

 This picture is taken inside the salon looking down in to the galley, thats the top of the freezer on the left.

This is the galley looking towards the rear of the boat,thats the guest bedroom thru the doorway. The small wooden door with the latch and hinges is the fridge which is beside the steps back up to the salon.  On the right are the double sinks. On the left the three burner gas cooktop. 

 The galley looking from the other direction, forward. Thru the door is the third bedroom ( not seen) and then the second head (toilet).  In the galley you can see the cooktop again and the oven and convection microwave.  No, we do not have a dishwasher, that would be me!   

   The first guest bedroom.

The second guest bedroom and guest head.  That's the elevated bed on the right.

The stairs leading down from the salon to our bedroom and bathroom. That's our bookcase stuffed with cruising guides. Our closets and bedroom are thru to the right and our bathroom on the left. 

  Our bedroom. I have to crawl over Ian to get out which is tricky, he doesn't seem to mind. 

   I realize now I have no pictures of the cockpit seating area and table. I will try and put one in on another post.


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