Sunday, 31 May 2015

Black Point, Exumas to Nassau with Ryan and Danielle.


 We love it when the kid's come for a visit and so with much excitement we headed back south to Black Point to pick up Ryan and Danielle.


   It was a quick half hour flight for them down from Nassau, they arrived right on time. We immediately whisked them right back to the boat and up anchored for the quick trip back to Staniel Cay where we wanted to take them snorkelling at the Thunderball grotto. Fortunately the timing was perfect for us and it was low tide.

   Next up, just around the corner from Staniel Cay, was a visit to Big Major's Spot where, yes indeed, pigs do swim!

Apparently , many years ago, local people left some pigs on the Island and they have since multiplied in number. It is hilarious to watch as a dingy approaches the beach. The pigs, who have been resting in the shade on the beach, come swimming out with mouths open wide. I have to say, those are big pigs, and I found them a bit intimidating at first until another cruiser told me to hold the food bag high, apparently they cannot jump.  Good to know.

 Here's Ryan enjoying feeding the pigs.  Then it was back to the boat and a quick change and then dingy in to Staniel Cay Yacht Club  for lunch. It was lunch time too for these Nurse Sharks, being fed off the dock at the Yacht Club. They are shy and placid, you could if desired, walk among them.

 After lunch we set sail heading North. We spent the night at Compass Cay, where we experienced crazy currents which had the boat turning end to end all night.

An early morning exit from Compass Cay on a high tide and we were on our way to Warderick Wells, which is part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

 What a beautiful and special spot. Crystal clear sparkling water and deserted white sand beaches.The Park provides mooring balls here, you can also anchor in designated area's. During the peak cruising season you call ahead one day and get your name on a waiting list for a mooring ball but the peak season is over now so we had our pick of balls at Emerald Rock.

There are well marked walking trails on  Warderick wells Cay with views to both sides of the Island.

Looking at the North Mooring field and beyond.

  One of the trails leads to Boo Boo Hill where visiting cruisers are encouraged to leave a namesake ( on wood only please) of their boat.  Thanks go to Danielle for crafting our Zooropa sign.

 The kids went off with the dingy and the  Go Pro and came back with lots of great shots.

  As the tide goes out beaches appear near the moored boats.

   Ryan having a close encounter with a Nurse Shark off the back of our boat.

 We reluctantly left Warderick Wells to continue North. After a fabulous beam reach sail here we are having lunch at Highborne Cay. This is another privately owned Island but cruisers are welcome to dine at the Marina restaurant and permitted to walk the lovely local beaches.

   The next day was grey and rainy and we had a bumpy motor-sail up to Nassau. Here's Zooropa tied up in the Atlantis Resort Marina.

  Ian and I enjoyed walking around the huge resort. They have done a really good job here with excellent aquariums.

 The kids enjoyed the use of the pools and water slides.

  With my two favourite men!

Sadly and all too quickly Ryan and Danielle's week came to an end. We saw them off and the following day headed out for our next stop, the Berry Islands.

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