Monday, 26 October 2015

Stuck in Deltaville, Virginia

So here we are. It's been over three weeks since we left Canada and flew back to the boat and we are still in Deltaville. The boat is still on the hard. We are having some warranty repair work done to the gel coat ( purely cosmetic ) and work is progressing slower than expected( thats putting it mildly).

 Our first weekend here was spent preparing the boat for Hurricane Joaquin, which thankfully changed course. The next weekend we drove up to Annapolis and took in the Sailboat Show. We had a busy day looking at and buying all things boats. That evening we had a nice time meeting and reconnecting with other Antares owners. The following weekend we took ourselves off for a visit to

Virginia Beach. The beach is lovely, the boardwalk expansive to walk along but the town is a little run down. Our weekdays have been spent on the boat putting it all back together and getting cruise ready. About a week ago we decided we'd had enough of hotel living and moved onto the boat, which means climbing up or down a 10 foot ladder to get on/off the boat. Fortunately all the necessary systems of the boat are available to us except for the heat/cool system. Which means I have piled every quilt and blanket we own onto our bed. While the days have been mostly sunny and warm a few of the nights have been decidedly cold. Fingers are crossed for Zooropa to splash this week and then a couple of days after that we should be ready to roll. We are anxious to get moving south to warmer climes. Oh well, this is all a part of the boating lifestyle, we are keeping it in perspective here!!