Friday, 12 February 2016

South to Georgetown, Exuma's.

     Over the last month we have continued to travel south down the Exuma chain of Islands. Here are a few pictures of the Islands and anchorages we have visited.

Looking south down Cambridge Cay with Bell Rock.

Looking over to Bell Harbour. Zooropa is in there somewhere.
Looking North, Warderick Wells

North mooring field, Warderick Wells

House and garden on Staniel Cay 

Staniel Cay 

The Blue Grocery Store, Staniel Cay 

Feeding time for the Nurse Sharks, Staniel Cay  

Reefs off the Eastern shore of Staniel Cay 

Black Point Settlement, Great Guana Cay 

Black Point Settlement, Great Guana Cay 

Excellent laundry facilities, Black Point.  

Low tide, Eastern shore of Stocking Island.

Ian enjoying the views, Stocking Island.

Low tide.

Anchorage on Western shore, Stocking Island. Zooropa is far left. Great Exuma Island in the background.

Stocking Island beach

Looking north up Stocking Island 

       As you can see from the number of pictures, we like the beach on Stocking Island!! We have been here a week now and I think we have walked it every day. This area ( Georgetown, Great Exuma ) is a really lovely place to hang out in. There are multiple, large anchorages, which is just as well since more and more boats are arriving daily. The busy little town has a well stocked grocery store, restaurants, gas station, marina, hair salons, etc, etc. There is a cruisers net on the VHF radio each morning to keep you informed of the daily events taking place. I have joined in with Yoga on the beach and and a fun water aerobic's class.  We have met up again with fellow Antares owners Greg and Sheila ( True North) and also Randy and Ellen ( Heaven) whom we last saw in Eleuthera.

    This is our last stop on The Exuma's. Tomorrow we will leave here and head south-east to Long Island, a pleasant day sail we hope!

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