Monday, 13 April 2015

St.Barth's. Land of Boutique's.

After an overnight motorsail from Barbuda we arrived at the lovely Island of St.Barth’s. As you approach St. Barth’s from the south you can also see in the distance the Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, St Eustatius and Saba. Behind St.Barth’s you see the larger Island of St.Martin. What a wonderful sight they all were that morning. We dropped anchor in the outer harbour of Gustavia, along with tonnes of other boats and many mega yachts. Gustavia has a very busy harbour, there was a constant stream of yachts, ferries and commercial boats going by while small commuter planes flew overhead to and from the nearby airport.

  Gustavia is a pretty little town wrapped around the inner harbor, which is full of mega yachts, some of whose tenders ( dinghy) put our boat to shame! The busy streets are lined with restaurants and upscale shops. The womens clothing available is to die for, but really not suitable for my current life aboard Zooropa. I have to admit I did buy several T-shirts, a hat and a bag which leave no doubt as to which Island I was recently on!
Downtown Gustavia 

  We rented a small car for the day, being informed that you could drive the length of the Island in an hour! We took longer than that and managed to see and walk several nice beaches, plus browse some very nice stores.   

Anse De Grand Saline

Historic downtown Gustavia

Rugged southwest shore of St.Barth's

Even though we really liked St.Barth's, after five very bumpy nights in the anchorage it was a relief to move on. St. Martin up next and a visit from Sammy!

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