Saturday, 29 November 2014

Marina Heaven

We have now spent four nights at the Port Louis Marina here in Grenada and I have to say, we are liking it, a lot!   A marina is like a trailor park for boats, this one is upscale. Here, as I see it, are the pros and cons.

St.Georges carenage

1    1  You hook your boat up to shore power, which means you can have air conditioning ( not a normal occurance on Zooropa).
2    2  The marina has (somewhat) reliable wi-fi.  We have been feeling internet deprived.
3     3  You can step directly off the back of your boat onto land. No having to get on to a wildly bouncing, possibly wet dingy for a ride into shore where you then have to either climb out onto a rickety dock or attempt a beach landing, often in the dark.
    4  Unlimited and long showers. The water can be left running while you lather up and wash hair and body, a real treat. If I feel like it I can even blow dry my hair afterwards too.
5    5 The boat is more or less completely stationary. No wild rocking when a power boat or jet ski goes by and no rolly nights when the wind and the swell are coming from different directions.
      6  There is a nice pool by which to while away an afternoon.
7    7   A nice salon and spa at which I had a good haircut.
8    8   Dinner out every night at their reasonably priced restaurant.

        The only one I can think of
      1) We had to Med. Moor ( meaning stern to) against the dock. It was our first time. There was a dock, mooring balls, another boat and the cross wind to contend with, a bit “hairy”.  

 We intend to pry ourselves off the dock tomorrow and head back out. All good things must come to an end at some time.  

Zooropa med moored at dock
Looking down on St. Georges

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