Sunday, 10 August 2014

Settling in

We have lived on board for a week now and are settling in nicely. Bit by bit projects seem to get accomplished. Ian has been very busy finding storage space for all his tools, he seems to have an awful lot of them!.He is slowly adjusting equipment on the boat to his liking, setting up the KVH satellite  internet, getting all safety gear in order, securing the dingy, etc, etc. He now knows every inch of the outside decks having spent several hours this afternoon with a bucket and mop.

I have been making daily trips to the grocery store, with my trusty trolley in tow. Once there I go up and down each isle with my list and Spanish translation notes in hand. It sure helps when the labels have pictures . I have cooked up a storm and then frozen many meals, we have enough food onboard to sink a ship ( lets hope not!) I am, after all, a girl who likes to know where and when her next meal is coming!! The washing machine has been run and the heads have been cleaned.

Apparently we are starting the first leg of our long trip to Trinidad tomorrow( we have yet to meet the Captain who is taking  us to Angra). The weather looks good for the trip North, with south and south east winds to blow us up the coast. Fortunately for us there is currently a full moon so the night passages, if skies are clear, should be brilliantly lit. We are hoping for a smooth passage but i"ll be getting my seasick meds out and started either way.
Downwind sailing River Plata with Buenos Aires off starboard beam

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