Monday, 28 July 2014

First few days in Buenos Aires

Travelling light!
  We used our one way tickets to Buenos Aires on the evening of July 24th. All went smoothly with checking in our eleven bins and one suitcase at the airport and we were very pleased to see them show up on the carousel in B.A.  This time around we managed to get by customs without handing over any pesos! After checking into our hotel we immediately hoofed it over to the marina to see Zooropa and wow, she looks great.....and very large! After having been on several Antares it feels really good knowing that this one is ours.
Welcome to the 'ZOO'

  Ian and I spent the weekend on the boat looking in all the nooks and crannies, turning on switches, opening cupboards and drawers, running taps and flushing toilets. Today, with Santiago and Memo (Antares) we took Zooropa out for a sail on the River Plata. She sails beautifully, we had about 20 knots of wind and sailed on a beam reach at 8 knots (sog). Ian says, the UK sails "kick ass" and look "sick and nasty"! ( thats techno talk)  

Captain at play. Ah, I mean work!
  The next few days will be spent with a boat tech guy, going over all the systems looking for any possible hiccups that need to be addressed. Once that is taken care of we will move our bins (24 total) onto the boat and unpack, it will feel a lot like Christmas!

Both hands on the wheel with keen lookout please.

Loose projection has us sailing into South Atlantic 3rd week of August.

Roger wilco, over and out for now.

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